I am a 24 year old from Sydney, Australia.

I travel, eat, play guitar & write music. I also have a Master of Architecture degree.


So far, I’ve independently recorded & released one album, a trilogy of EPs, a split-EP with Scottish artist Sithu Aye, and numerous singles, all of which you can hear on Bandcamp, YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and even, if you like, using the ancient technology of a Compact Disc Player.

Though essentially a solo project, I've been fortunate enough to work with a number of very talented people, including Marco Minnemann, Chris Letchford, Troy WrightRick Graham and many others. I have also appeared as a guest soloist on recordings by a number of amazing artists, including Skyharbor, Intervals, Modern Day Babylon, David Maxim MicicJakub Zytecki, Novelists, Sithu Aye, and The Helix Nebula.

I play .STRANDBERG* guitars, D'ADDARIO strings, SUHR pickups, and use RED BEAR and DUNLOP picks.

I use an ATOMIC Amplifire and Line6 RELAY 970 live, and a FRACTAL AUDIO AxeFX II, FOCUSRITE Scarlett 18i20 and Logic Pro X in my bedroom studio.

  • .STRANDBERG* — US Custom Shop Boden 6, Boden OS 6 "Plini" (one-off with tremolo arm), Boden OS 7.
  • DUNLOP — Primetone Jazz III XL 1.4mm
  • D'ADDARIO — NYXL 10-46
  • RED BEAR — Classic II H with speed bevel + grip holes.