Every Piece Matters


In 2014, I released a song called "Ko Ki" in order to fundraise for a volunteering trip to Cambodia led by the wonderful non-profit organisation Raw Impact. At the beginning of 2015, I went to Cambodia, to help construct a community centre for the people of Ko Ki Village. This was an unforgettable experience – everything from the joy of playing games with some of the happiest kids I've ever seen, to the overwhelming realisation that I was able to use my love of music to benefit the lives of a community that barely even has access to clean water or electricity. Recently, I read that Raw Impact was embarking on its most ambitious project yet – to prevent the forced relocation of 100 families currently living in slums outside Phnom Penh. Every Piece Matters is about "providing land for families so we can bring safe housing, primary education for their kids, rescue from debt slavery and provide a steady job for Mum and Dad. For every $5,000AUD pledged, one family can live on their own land." After seeing the work that Raw Impact has done already, and being a part of one of their teams, there is no doubt in my mind that they can make this happen. For more information about Raw Impact and this project, click here.

100% of the proceeds from this song

from now until the end of June (when the fundraising campaign ends)

will go directly to Raw Impact

written, recorded & mixed by Plini in a bedroom in Sydney.

drums recorded by Troy Wright at Wright Drum School Studios

bass recorded & drums mixed by Simon Grove at Nerve Studios

mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions

artwork by Alex Pryle at Dead Crown Design

And to my wonderful cyber-choir, you may not be able to distinguish your individual voice anymore, but it wouldn’t be the same without it!

An enormous thank you to – Francesco Domenichetti, Juan Simon Ramirez, Austin Schuyler, Chris Byron, Lachlan Barclay, Denis Balavac, Abhay Rao, Tade Whittaker, Chris Sopko, Sean Manning, Alex Basham, Mike Coleman, Matthew Reddy, Markus Neuwirth, Louie Pagan, Jorge Delgado, Christian San Agustin, Charlie Newton, David Freeman, Nick Wolfenbarger, Davis Natzle, Romain Porquet, Colin Smith, Brendan Gibson, Jessey Jorge Nikoletatos, Mitch Pew, Simmy, Stuart Packer, Tristan Zemtseff, Thomas Ryan-Allen, Brett Stewart, Sean Lowery, Tom Toy, Melissa Trendell, Siena Biales, Dylan Leonard, Marko Obradovic, Dom Robson-Tull, Fean Manthachitra, Gyorgy Henyei Neto, Daniel Lee, Brendan Gibson, Skippy Girl, Kyle Schaefer, Joni Mustonen, Josué Ferreira de Oliveira, Max Gilbert, Jonathan Fallat, Devin Axtman, Lichen Li, Andreas Nilsson, Karthik Ram Mamidala, Casey Tang, Wing Anh Luy, Josh Neumann, Erika De Guzman, Sergio Scibilia, Zachary Prihoda, Zed Kent, Zane Hawley, Bradley Nowland, Chris Auzenne, Cris Baz, Nicholas and Genie Sisti, Kyle Catalano, Rostislav Burkatsky, Henri Zeiseler, Cutch from Synergist, Omri Moon, Tobias Ommer, Diego Meraviglia, Will Turner, Peter Wright, Austin Frankenfield, Ashley Kethley, Ryan Turchi, Zachary Prihoda, Taylor Sharp, and a few others who, for mysterious reasons, will remain unnamed!